About me

African/Australian Teen

High School Student

Loves:  Animals (Especially pandas), People,  Literature, Expressive Art,  Rap & Instrumental music …

About this blog

I know there are loads of entertaining blogs you could be reading right now, But this isn’t a blog just for entertainment, it’s a personal blog about my opinions/concerns on certain topics. And I’d love to hear your opinion about them too. But please no arguments or name calling everyone is entitled to their opinion and how great is it when we are open to others, lets not defeat the purpose.

I also want to raise awareness for those who cannot speak.                                                       Who may they be you ask? They are the ones who are hurting, feeling scared, struggling, and being treated like outsiders and outcasts.. I haven’t forgotten them, because sometimes I’m hurting, I feel scared, I  struggle, and I can be treated like an outsider and outcast…Can you relate? Because if you do, can we just talk about it?




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